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Master D programming language or DLang for Python programmers. “There is no best programming language”, they say. There is, for most applications D is the best among imperative languages. Switch your mind from nervous mode of finding bugs in your Python software (Have you ever mistyped an identifier?) to calm mode of multiparadigm programming language of increased reliability. And make your software up to hundreds times faster and less resource-hungry. Finally, you really can learn D because it isn't a language for geniuses like Rust. You write in D as easily as in Python.
The Discontinuous Analysis course for study groups (up to 15 people).
A mathematical model describing evil in the universe (and in particular situations like peace or war on the Earth). The author shows that evil cannot be immediately eliminated without doing another evil. This explains why God allows evil.
No limit of an arbitrary function? No root of -1? There is indeed a root of -1 and likewise there is a (generalized) limit of every function at every point, for all types of discontinuity in calculus. Learn to use it in practice for limits, sums, derivatives, integrals of arbitrary functions.